Level Designer

Duration: 25 Days

I started working on this project since it was announced at Unity GDC booth by SineSpace.

It is a Level Design based on a fantasy land where players have to collect guns, ammo, health packs to fight other players. There are 3-4 side and main quests which are populated across the arena for better player exploration. People can play this arena in Mobile, Web, Desktop clients etc.


For this stage, I worked primarily on making the level design on paper and then iterate over unity to implement the level and get started at an early stage with the SineSpace SDK. First I had to put some blockout items for my arena to get the overall size of the map, then I placed those items and a basic outlet was made. The I started sculpting the terrain to give height and verticality to the map. Then I added some rocks and sculpted ridges around the arena. Then I painted the whole arena and put some pathways through which player should traverse the arena.


The grass color was painted on the terrain followed by adding terrain trees which are very performatic for target build. Then some variation of trees, rocks, logs, bushes, grass were imported from Unity Assets store and put together in the scene.

For the Game to look more life-like, I made some chests and painted them using blender and then imported them to unity and with SineSpace SDK I implemented many side quests, activity quests and one main quest to the game.

After the whole arena was ready, I added post processing effects with vignette, ambient occlusion, color grading, chromatic aberration etc to make the arena look better. Then I added some exponential fog from Unity fog system to give a more better look.

Pre-made prefabs were provided by SineSpace SDK, which made it easier to implement ammo pickups, health pickups and much more.

Objective | Optimisation

The Objective for a player was to teleport to an fantasy land where he would explore, kill and gain points from the arena. There is a king of the hill mission at the center of the arena which players have to gain and defend their flag and position to get extra points.

Optimisation was never too easy but at the end we got an decent fps to work with. Many mesh colliders from the complex trees, rocks etc were removed and replaced with primitive colliders. Occlusion culling is being heavily used by the level to render only the required stuff and hiding the rest from the player. Compressed textures, minimal use of visual effects were used for better fps.